Amanda Tate


Amanda Tate is a graduate of the Second City Training Center. Her improv group, Silver City Pink, has performed at the LA Improv Festival, Out of Bounds Festival in Austin and will soon be seen at the San Francisco Improv Festival. She has appeared on BET's "Hell Date"and currently performs in her two person show My Old Lady. Their short video "Book It!" was selected as a finalist for the Oxygen network's create-a-series contest.

Ed Goodman


Ed Goodman has worked for The Second City, Improv Olympic, ComedySportz and your dad. He has never been bitten by a zombie or a werewolf. He's never lost a squad of planes in the Bermuda Triangle or been poked by an Alien. Everything was going fine. Then this happened. He's currently writing screenplays over at UCLA.

Seth Beeler


Seth wants to do five things in life: write for a kick-ass animation show, be in one of Savage Steve Holland's movies, create a Sci-Fi/Horror show he can get David J. Schow to write for, grow a beard that isn't all patchy and weird and makes him look sickly and be in a short movie where a monster eats him alive - one down, four to go! You can see Seth doing stand-up and magic shows at night all over Los Angeles and his other short films all over the internet. Also, Seth thinks Amanda is really pretty, but Ed is really, really, REALLY pretty.

... and Greg Schwartz & Sarah Vaill as Baby, Walter Lamb as Baby's Voice